Marion McGarry

Healer and Medium

Marion is a medium, a channel of healing information from the other side, from Spirit, guides, angels, and our loved ones who have passed over.

There are many detailed healing and loving messages awaiting you from family relatives and friends, they will help you to better understand your present life and soothe your heart.

Those who have passed wish you to see the true shining self that you are, and to know of their love and watchfulness over you.

Deeply compelling, often startling, and occasionally humorous, Marion's down-to-earth approach has earned her a vast and loyal following.   

Marion McGarry

Marion has been doing healing in the world community all of her life.

​Now a mother and grandmother, her healing work began in her early life as a healing missionary to the indigenous people, and lepers along the Amazon River in Colombia and Peru. She also ministered to the young and poor of those countries in their schools and barrios.


We are each one of us Light and Love

After returning to the states, she has for many years dedicated herself to all in the healing of body and soul, especially the elderly, the terminally ill, as well as those left behind.

She is an ambassador for the other side, bringing love and compassion to those in need with her messages.  Marion sees clients, and also does phone readings.  She holds weekly Spiritual Development Circles where she helps others develop their abilities.  Marion also travels to help others set up circles in their communities.

We all have the ability, we just need to practice and trust.

Marion McGarry     Telephone:  203-273-3102